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Black Mountain Resorts Limited (BMR) is a management company focusing on high quality residential property development in Montenegro. Extensive research into the property market in Montenegro has been carried out over the past 3 years; BMR is confident that although there are hurdles to be overcome, particularly with infrastructure and bureaucracy, that the elements required for a successful property development business are in place.

We also believe that Montenegro’s small size, its aim to attract high net worth second home owners and holiday makers, its ability to attract very serious developers for large projects, even during this unstable financial period, linked to its location within 3 hours flight of Moscow, London and Scandinavia, puts it in an enviable position compared with other countries in the Mediterranean/Adriatic.

BMR totally support the Montenegrin Government’s wishes to develop Montenegro into an up-market, world class destination and to retain and protect the dramatic and underdeveloped rural setting that Montenegro enjoys at present.

BMR’s modus operandi is to source the site and then finance and set up Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) - companies - for each piece of land. These SPVs then contract BMR to handle all aspects of the development of the site including arranging gearing, sourcing banks, lawyers, accountants and architects, negotiating the purchase of the site, overseeing design, handling all planning negotiations, sourcing project managers, builders and other contractors, sourcing materials and then managing the build.


BMR manages all sales activity including appointing sales agents in relevant markets, supplying all legal documents and sales materials as well as providing an internet based reservation system. Our various sales agents cover Montenegro, the UK, Ireland, Russia Poland and Scandinavia. BMR has employees in both the UK and Montenegro.

BMR has a very highly regarded Montenegrin based team of professionals, including lawyers, accountants and architects all with proven track records and a great deal of experience.

The BMR team has significant experience in running companies both in the UK and internationally and all of the team have been involved in the property sector for a substantial amount of time.

BMR presently manage 2 sites for investors, Mimosa Park in Kumbor and Rezevici Heights in Rezevici and both sites are in the final stages of planning.

BMR and their associated investors are in negotiations for a two large marinas, in excess of 30 ha between them and are looking to sell the two 2 sites that they presently own to allow them to concentrate on these larger projects. Details of both sites are attached.

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